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scubaZ wine pearls

The finest wines, noble spirits, in a shell made of seaweed, combined through a natural osmosis process. These are scubaZ pearls of pleasure. scubaZ impresses with carefully selected ingredients and a clear commitment to the highest Austrian quality. Can be used in a variety of ways, along the entire food and beverage chain, as a never-before-seen side dish or a feast for the eyes, scubaZ pleasure pearls represent innovative delicacies. Exclusive cuisine. One hundred percent Austria.



Casual, leiwand, delicious - these are the imperial spritz wines of the spritz wine monarchy from Vienna. Founded out of a passion for easy drinking pleasure, composed and produced with the greatest dedication in our  Court factory in Illmitz, Burgenland. As real spritz wine enthusiasts, we want to impress and convince with something special. The result is a homage to Austrian drinking culture, which enables every lover of the Austrian classic to take their first sip before sunset

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